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Rebtel - International Phone Calls

Rebtel - International Phone Calls
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Rebtel offers cheap long distance and international phone calls via your mobile phone. Compared to regular telephone services and calling cards, Rebtel is up to 95% cheaper.

Rebtel - Cheap international calls

Rebtel is one of the strongest players in the market with more than 4 million users, and continues to grow rapidly. Rebtel offers a first class customer support to ensure happy customers. The Rebtel service requires no downloads, and no computers to use.

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Rebtel provides high quality international calls at local rates using our patented innovations and top of the line VoIP technology. We believe our service is the future of international calling from mobiles – it's easy, it's effective, and above all, it offers serious savings for everyone! We are up to 95% cheaper than traditional calling cards or regular long distance phone services. Calling overseas with Rebtel is very easy: just fill out the sign up form  and register the phone number from which you’ll be making your calls. Next, enter your contact's name and their international phone number and Rebtel will provide you with a local number you can dial from your mobile phone to reach your friend abroad. It’s just that simple! We'll connect the international call over the Internet and pass the savings on to you.


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